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develop an action plan

develop an action plan that is effectiveOne of the basic essentials for any entrepreneur is to develop an action plan. This may not only be the basic structure of the business, but also how to get sales by using the right promotion methods and then the distribution of the product etc. Marketing is an essential part of any plan and yet you would be surprised to learn how few people automatically include it. Don’t be like those entrepreneurs and business owners who think of marketing as an extra or an afterthought. It’s not just something to focus on when you have some extra money to spend. For a company to be successful, marketing matters – FACT!! It’s essential for your business. It’s not a point of IF you market, but HOW.

There are more marketing methods available to entrepreneurs now than ever before! Direct marketing, traditional advertising and PR, that were once the holy trinity in marketing, are possibly being left behind in the old traditional sense. The internet has changed everything over the past few years. With the emergence of blogging, email marketing, article marketing, pay-per-click, video marketing, AdWords, social media marketing etc., the possibilities seem endless!

Develop An Action Plan That Incorporates ALL!

The more traditional methods do still work, but finding ways to use them in an online environment is going to be a bug benefit for you. How can you incorporate a PR campaign through the means of a social media or blogging approach for example?

When you develop an action plan, it’s important that you create a clear message, a strong brand and understand your target market. Then you should work on your marketing plan and the methods you want to use to achieve it. You need a plan that can shift and change as your market changes.  A well thought out plan is a necessity.

Develop An Action Plan Checklist

Every good action plan needs a checklist. When developing yours, you can think of things like:

  • Setting out your short and long term goals.
  • Defining your target market. This means finding out where and customer base hangs out and looks for their information.
  • Your preferred methods of marketing. This could be blogging, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Linked In etc.
  • Review your budget, studying the various options available to you. This can be on or offline, or a combination of the two. An affordable approach that works for most business owners is a combination of traditional PR, blogging, social media and content marketing.

Study each option independently, then look at ways to combine them. Make sure you get the necessary training in your chosen marketing method, especially for online promotion. Your ongoing education will be vital to your success and you can then teach others what you have learned. This can add a valuable extra source of income to your business. With some thought, you can develop an action plan that will last for the long term, a plan that will be your “roadmap” to a successful and prosperous business.

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